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Sony Music /
Website, WebVR

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Description /

An immersive WebGL music experience for the release of The Script’s latest album Freedom Child. Through an abstract 3D planet, the visitor discovers the world of the Irish pop band. Exploring leads to an immersive, unique, exclusive preview of five songs, sampled from Freedom Child.

The experience hits its climax when the visitor reaches the worlds of the five exclusive songs. Each song has its own unique interactive environment translating the vibrant and energic melody from The Script’s album.

Role /

  • Art Direction
  • UI/UX Design
  • Motion Design
  • 3D Design

Info /

  • Client • Sony Music
  • Agency • Nexus Studios
  • Year • 2017

Credits /

  • Eran Amir, Director

  • Jamie Owen, Tech Lead

  • Janos Koos, UX Designer

  • Joana Flor, Executive Producer

  • Amalie Englesson, Producer